✂️3. Resizing Existing Images

If you have already images uploaded to your WordPress media library follow the steps below to bulk-resize them.


  • The plugin is pre-configured to make your product images the same size. To adjust settings and options, go to the WooCommerce menu → Smart Image Resize → General.

  • Newly added images are processed by the plugin automatically upon upload.

1. To resize existing images, you'll need to install the Regenerate Thumbnails in order to process images in batch. To do so, in your WordPress admin, go the Plugins menu → Add New.

2. In the search box, type regenerate thumbnails, and click the button "Install Now", then "Activate".

3. Once the plugin is activated, go the Tools menu → Regenerate Thumbnails.

4. Finally, click the button "Regenerate thumbnails for all attachments" to start processing your images.

How to check resized images?

To view resized images, go to your media library under Media → Library, then apply the filter "Smart Resize: Processed".

How can I regenerate thumbnails for a single image?

Yes, you can regenerate thumbnails for a single image by clicking the link "Regenerate Thumbnails" in your media library.


Make sure you purge cache if old images still showing up, including your browser, caching plugin, and CloudFlare.

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