🔑2. Activating your License Key

Heads up! Before activating your license key, make sure you installed Smart Image Resize PRO.

1. In your WordPress admin, go to the WooCommerce menu → Smart Image Resize → Manage License.

If you're not using WooCommerce, you can activate your license key under the Settings menu → Smart Image Resize → Manage License.

2. Copy and paste the license key you received in your purchase confirmation email, and click the "Activate license" button to activate your license key.

Couldn't find your license key? Click here to re-send it.

Can I change the license key to another domain after I activate it?

Yes, but before you activate your license key on the new domain, make sure you unlink it from the old domain. Here's how:

  1. Go to WooCommerce menu → Smart Image Resize → Manage License

  2. Click the button "Deactivate license" to remove the license key from the old domain

  3. Now, you can activate it on the new domain

Having trouble activating/deactivating your license key? contact us and provide your license key or purchase email along with the concerned website URL.

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